A Home The Urban Warrior Deserves Vista Residences Trevi

#MakatiCondo June 8, 2010

"There’s no rest for the weary" Thus goes the battle cry of the typical, city-dwelling-city-working individual. Those thrust everyday into the noise, traffic and push of endless humanity, just to spend eight or more hours facing the inescapable stress of work. Often, to the urban warrior, home becomes simply a box that allows for a momentary chance to tune out, quickly decompress and lay one’s head for the very few hours work has spared. The rewards of Manila’s wage earners are few and far between, and while it is this worker who actually moves the economy, he is also often the least cared for.

Standing tall and elegant right in the heart of the bustle of Makati, Trevi changes the way we think about Metro Manila condominium living. A complete breakaway from the “boxes” that have become typical of the affordable Manila condominium, each Trevi unit is built with styled comfort and grace, and with the thoughtful and well-crafted space planning every Vista Land development is known for.

A brainchild and development of Vista Residences - the condominium arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc., the country’s premier property developer - Trevi is a three - tower project with a commercial and leisure podium linking the towers. This offers its resident’s places to meet, dine, and simply enjoy their precious time away from the offices.

While most condominium developments today hype their location and affordability, noticeably absent is any mention of the aesthetic aspect. To humans, beauty and comfort is reward. It strengthens the spirit and rejuvenates the souls - making it considerably easier to face the hassle of everyday living. Trevi was beautifully designed precisely to be a premium at the end of the day. So that we can come home and say to ourselves, "We did a good job. We deserve to be right."

The architecture of the Trevi is breathtaking, designed not to just please the eye, but also to “harness the wind.” The exquisite glass and steel marvel was created to allow the circulation of natural light and ventilation throughout its three towers and up to its 37 storey’s.  With the vision of creating an actual “home” in the sky, Trevi has limited the number of its units to a little over one thousand in all, to allow for wider spaces, better security and more privacy.

Extremely affordable, and wonderfully accessible, Trevi dazzles the skyline along Pasong Tamo, is its exquisite lobby. Designed to re-create the grace and richness of a hotel foyer, the Trevi lobby is the doorway to an oasis. It leads one into the sanctuary that  shuts out the worries of the day, and bathes away the world’s tensions. Created to exactly what a reception area should be, its soft lighting, scattered conversation nooks, and cozy upholstery will receive the residents and their guest with comforting arms that breath, “ Relax. You’re home now.”

Completely committed to  our residents-to-be, Trevi was designed to be the most desired address along Pasong tamo. The leading-edge amenities, tight security measures, magnificent lobby, practical unit layout, and stunning architecture are a representation of what Vista Residences believes every urban warrior dreams of and what he rightfully deserves.