Big and Beautiful KL Mosaic

#MakatiCondo October 9, 2009

Big and Beautiful

KL Mosaic combines space. Light, nature, and beauty to create truly luxurious and unique life escapes

SIGNATURES PIECES send the signal, "I've arrived" the membership in the yacht club-and a spacious unit at the KL Mosaic.

KL Mosaic is the newest stylish condominium set to rise along Gamboa Street, one of Legaspi Village's few remaining residential prestige locations.

Developed by Britanny Corporation, a Vista Land and Lifescapes affiliate, the new condo embodies the unique "art-chitecture" philosophy of Britanny, which aims to integrate art seamlessly into building design. Shaped as a Hexagon, the 32-storey condominium building provides future owners with luxurious lifescapes created mainly by space-both the optical illusion and tangible kind.

KL Mosaic Brittany caters to the upper crust market, and taking this to heart, the condo units offered are truly larger than their counterparts in other developments.

While the typical studio unit on the market is sized anywhere from 22sqm to 32sqm, KL Mosaic's studios cut larger spaces, at 34sqm to 45sqm. Typical 2-bedroom units measure around 70sqm. In contrast, KL Mosaic's 2-bedroom units are almost as spacious as many single-detached houses offered on the market today-spreading across 102sqm to 138sqm of floor area.

The Luxury of space can also be seen in the heights that KL Mosaic's ceilings reach. The condo's loft units are also big. While the typical loft unit areas spread across 45sqm to 50sqm, KL Mosaic's sprawl 85sqm.

Generous living spaces and higher ceilings create a luxury of space, and this bestows on each unit an extravagant feel. This is heightened by huge picture windows and balconies that allow an abundance of light to enter-and uninterrupted views of Makati's legaspi and Washington Sycip parks oases of tranquility in the hustle and bustle of the central business district.

Even the window are larger, getting in more light and providing grander views. Finally, an open lay-out completes the luxurious effect.

KL Mosaic's buyers include expat executives who are looking for home in the country. Thus, unlike other developments, 3-bedrrom units are offered, apart from the usual 1-and 2-bedroom affairs.

Noting that art is the feather in luxury's cap, KL Mosaic integrates fine art into its living spaces: the building will house "The biggest Little Room," a gallery that will showcase the prestigious art collection of the Kalaw-Ledesma Family, as well as the work of newly discovered artist.

KL Mosaic is a joint undertaking of Brittany Corporation and the illustrious Kalaw-ledesma family.

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