Small space interior into Elegant condo

#MakatiCondo June 10, 2016

Giselle Fedalizo featured a standard condominium conundrum: at roughly 650 sq. ft., her new digs were dinky and lacked personality. tho' the 29-year-old chartered accountant of a Vancouver mining company preferred the autonomy of being a first-time home-owner, she had to readjust her life style to suit the tiny space.

For the condo's overall look, she recruited Vancouver-based designer Karla Amadatsu of Kerrisdale style. "I'm into modern style," says Giselle, "so I didn't mind the white walls and dark floors, however i do know that may look cold. I needed my condominium to be bright, happy and positive." and that is specifically what she got. to stay among budget, none of the carpentry or fixtures within the room or toilet were modified. Instead, throughout the 2 month project, Karla centered on infusing the bedroom and living/dining space with a punchy, fashionable young aesthetic. Indeed, electrical pink and graphic pattern cushions attest that no coward lives here. Giselle additionally needed space for amusive, that is often tough in cramped quarters.

"Since she was ranging from scratch, we wanted investment items," says Karla. "By selecting furniture with tailored lines and in similar light-tone material, we were ready to build the area seem larger, because the eye is ready to flow through the space with nothing obstructing the expansive windows."


Living space Giselle splurged on some new "forever" furnishings, like this streamlined linen sofa with low-profile arms.


Bright and beautiful Bare windows evoke a modern aesthetic while keeping the small space flooded with light.

Dining space Feminine curved chairs and a round table are ideal in cramped quarters. Don't skimp on the light fixture -- a barrel shade gives visual weight to this tableaux.


Entertaining Gisele loves to entertain and can use her ottoman and decorative drum stools as emergency seating in a pinch


Bedroom The tiny bedroom has pizzazz thanks to the magenta headdress that perks up the bedroom's quiet furniture; repeating the accent colour throughout unifies the room.