Your New Home Awaits Live Salcedo

#MakatiCondo Sept 21, 2010

Most people own one fine thing --- a nice purse, a shiny watch, maybe a posh pair of shoes. Whatever it may be, it serves its purpose – but it also offers a glimpse it into a life where an air conditioner car always waits out front, your office overlooks the city skyline, and breakfast isn’t served from a box.

one salcedo place condo
When you put it away at the end of the day your ushered  beck to the reality, But there are people who are actually live the life these that these things evoke; and One Pacific will be built for them.

The New Residential enclave, whose provenance can be traced to being the builder, owner and developer of the Pan Pacific Manila, is now translating the lofty ideals of comfort into high-rise residential living in Salcedo Village.

Despite the need to deliver within the strict parameters of function, One Pacific Place defines the streamlined fusion of aesthetics and practicality. The visually stunning façade, which combines design with innovation, will house an elegant lobby that ushers you into efficient and versatile spaces to fit the diversity of urban living.

Surrounding the comfort of your personal enclave are the myriad of world class facilities to pander to every urbanite’s need from retail options to centralized provisions for basic utilities ( water and electricity) and recreational as well as facilities. All networked neighborhood where the development is set to rise, giving future residents access to the most prominent commercial, business centers and leisure destinations.

In the entirely, a residence is about context – the idea that your lifestyle is the soul of your home. And there’s no better way to fulfill this personal vision than by exploring the kind of lifestyle that only a prestigious and versatile address such as One Pacific Place can offer.